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2023 Help Us Move In Grant Awardees


Family Promise of Concord NH selected as 1 of 8 Affiliates Across the County for a Help Us Move In (HUMI) 2023 Homelessness Prevention Grant

CONTACT: Steve Croke, Executive Director Family Promise of Greater Concord

79 Clinton Street, Concord, NH 03301 Phone Number: 603-856-8490 Email:

Concord, NH May 24, 2023 – Family Promise National and Help Us Move In (HUMI) have announced the next stage of their partnership that first began in 2017. A total of Eight Family Promise Affiliates (including Family Promise of Greater Concord) were competitively selected to receive a HUMI grant to support ongoing work in homelessness prevention and stabilization.

  • Data shows that the average cost per child to prevent homelessness through the HUMI grant program is $370. This type of support and award can truly change the future for children in America, one community at a time!

HUMI is a nonprofit “on a mission helping children to escape homelessness by engaging communities in sustainable solutions.” The goal of a HUMI grant is to develop a sustainable prevention and housing program in each community that leverages local support for programs.

HUMI Executive Director Sarah Scherer said, “Help Us Move In” has granted 1.2 million dollars to Family Promise Affiliates that has generated over $11 million dollars with our matching model and amazing support from local communities.” This funding that began in 2017 has enabled Family Promise Affiliates to serve a total of 12,221 families, including 25,303 children.

  • With targeted HUMI support, Affiliates are better equipped to serve expanding needs in their communities. HUMI funding also helps to create new connections and additional funding opportunities which can have a long-term impact and lead to more families and children being served.

The following are 2023 HUMI grant recipients winners:

  • Family Promise of Greater Cleveland, OH

  • Family Promise of Greater Concord, NH

  • Family Promise of Greater Modesto, CA

  • Family Promise of Missoula, MT

  • Family Promise of New Rock, GA

  • Family Promise of Pinellas County, FL

  • Family Promise of the Big Bend, FL

  • Family Promise Salt Lake, UT


About Family Promise of Greater Concord, NH 03301 Our mission is to empower families and children experiencing or at risk of homelessness to achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. With the support and compassion of 400 community volunteers and 13 dedicated host site partners, our organization delivers vital services including homelessness prevention, emergency shelter, meals, and comprehensive, case management assistance to low-income, and homeless families by utilizing existing facilities and services throughout the community.

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